Suma is a door-to-door delivery app in Ghana that allows you to send packages to people simply by sending it to their phone number.

You can send a package to one person, or up to 10 people at a go. A nearby rider will receive a notification of your request and attend to it.

You can also send packages to recipients in other regions or countries without incurring any outrageous costs. The package will be routed through our partner transport companies and delivered right to the doorstep of your recipient, as easily and affordably as if they were in your region.

How it works

1. Ensure your pickup location is right.
2. Inform your recipients to check their pickup.
3. Add them as recipients.
4. Fill in your package details.
5. Request your Suma.

That’s it!

Key features of the app

• Add recipients for your delivery by just entering their phone number.
• Add as many as 10 recipients in a single request.
• Arrange your recipients any how you want your deliveries to be made.
• Chat and call your recipients and riders right from the app.
• Choose whether to pay for your delivery or allow your recipients to pay.
• See what each recipient’s delivery costs.
• Get connected quickly to a nearby rider.
• Send packages to recipients in other regions at the same affordable rates.
• Get notified of incoming packages.
• Approve or decline whether a package was truly delivered to you.
• Track all your deliveries (sent and received) from one page.

The design of the app makes it just as suitable for business/corporate use as it is for individual use. No special costs to any category of user. Users sending to multiple recipients can easily rearrange their recipients any how they like, to reduce the total delivery time and cost. Senders can also opt for a “recipient pay” option. This allows businesses to focus more on their work and then distribute their goods in the most convenient and efficient way possible.